“The streets of the medieval city” – walking tour

Walking tour of the city center, duration: 3 hours

The excursion includes: Liberty Avenue – the center of the Austrian Lviv, Opera House, Shevchenko’s monument, Jesuit Church, Latin Cathedral, Boim Chapel, The Rynok Square – the center of the Polish city, The Lviv City Hall (Ukrainian: Ratusha), Ruska street, Orthodox Assumption Church, Dominican Church, Italian courtyard, The Black Stone House, Pharmacy Museum, Armenian street, house of Seasons, Armenian Church and others.

During the tour we will visit churches of different Christian confessions, visit the Pharmacy Museum, see the Italian courtyard.

Guided tour (group):
300 UAH. – 1-2 people
360 UAH – 3-5 people
420 UAH. – 6-10 people
480 UAH. – 11 or more people

This excursion is held on the following languages: English, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

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