“Beer Lviv” – walking tour

The thematic beer tour, duration: 3 hours

During the tour guide will tell you about the history of brewing in Lviv, Lviv history of wine and vodka, Lviv batiary, Lviv, taverns and other interesting things on the history of our city, which guides rarely mention during public tours.

The excursion includes: A Custom Square (restaurants Kumpel and Starhorod) Hlynyanska gate Bernardine courtyard, Jewish Quarter (restaurants like “House of legends” and “Under the Golden Rose”), Pharmacy Museum, The Rynok Square, the palace of Kornyakt, Archbishop’s Palace, restaurants like “Kryjivka”, “Freemason”, Jesuit’s church, a brewer’s monument, restaurant “a Tower of merchants”, restaurant “Ukrainian courtyard”, Brygidky, pub “Crab”, Jewish Hospital “Beth Hulim”, Museum of Brewing and others.

Guided tour (group):
400 UAH. – 1-2 people
450 UAH. – 3-5 people
500 UAH. – 6-10 people
550 UAH. – 11 or more people

Additional payment for the tour (optional for tourists):
– Tasting beer “Light” or “Amber” in the beer restaurant “Kumpel” – 13 UAH. (0.25 l)
– Tasting beer “Zenyk” in the restaurant “Bernardine courtyard” – 10 UAH. (0.33 l)
– Tasting beer “Mons Pius” in the restaurant “Mons Pius” – 16 UAH. (0.4 l)
– Excursion to the Museum of Brewing – 20 UAH. (including tasting beer of 2 varieties: “1715” and “White Lion” (2 x 0.33 l); 10 UAH (without tasting beer)

This excursion is held on the following languages: English, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

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